MG Construction accelerates its growth with the help of a new breed of modern data infrastructure

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Thierry Gauthier

The Construction industry is actively going through a digital transformation

The Construction industry is currently going through a robust digital transformation; moving from manual tasks and workflows to automation and data-driven decisions. However, most data from various ERP systems, Timesheets, project management, CRM's and all other is still kept in numerous siloed tools, causing a significant loss in efficiency, planning potential and profitability.

A challenge remains: Tons of new digitized data, but how can they work as one

There's more than just hopes for companies in Construction today due to new innovative solutions like the BEEM's data platform. Companies can now benefit from a modern data infrastructure in order to use all their data, even for smaller size companies, and finally be equipped to:

  • Increase data interoperability and efficiency between most used platforms such as Maestro, Procore, Emyx, SmartUse, PowerBI, STACK, Microsoft SharePoint and others
  • Optimize the real-time management of the progress and profitability of projects with current tech stack
  • Create automated reports no longer requiring manual tasks prone to errors or the creation of multiple Excel files
  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your estimates for RFPs, thanks to ease and automated access to all your data now being unified and transformed according to your business rules

BEEM also works with your custom and legacy systems and can be up and running in just a few weeks, not months. Optimizing your current and future platforms enable your teams to successfully run data-driven activities such as real-time project progression and to create automated real-time reports, etc. The experts from our Advanced Data Services team will work with your team throughout the journey, mitigating the need for your teams to undergo extensive training, drastically increase the budget or have to hire more staff.

MG Construction innovates and increases its efficiency thanks to all of its digitized data

MG Construction, a Quebec leader in the interior systems industry, is in the midst of a digital transformation and seeks to optimize the use of all its new digitized data.

The goal is clear: Increase the efficiency of the organization through data by maximizing the use of the best softwares in construction, optimizing human resources and minimizing the impact of change on the business processes in place , and this in real time.

The challenge is great: How to get there within a realistic budget, a reasonable time frame and with limited technological knowledge in-house.

The solution exists: The BEEM data platform

Now, thanks to the implementation of the BEEM data platform, MG Construction is in the process of making the following improvements:

  • Unify, store, synchronize and enrich the data of several platforms currently used such as Maestro, SmartUse, Emyx, Microsoft 365, etc.
  • Leverage all available data to increase intelligence and visibility, in real time, for senior management, finance and project management teams using new BI / Reporting tools
  • Automate and synchronize the process of digital timesheets with other software to monitor in real time the management of resources on multiple sites and avoid adding manually the same data in several systems
  • Automate the monitoring of the progress and invoicing of projects by optimizing the functionalities and data of the tools in place
  • And even more to come, as the MG team benefits from dedicated resources from BEEM's Advanced Data Services team to support them on an ongoing basis

"By partnering with BEEM, we have found the ideal partner to enable us to accelerate our efficiency by leveraging all of our data, which will no longer function in silos. Their solution developed to help companies of our size allows us to quickly benefit from cutting-edge data infrastructure technologies that we can afford!"
- Frédéric Gauthier, President of MG Construction

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The construction industry is currently going through the digital transformation 4.0; moving from manual tasks and workflows to automation and data-driven decisions. The new challenge becomes how you make all the data in your ERP, CRM, Timesheet, Project Management, BI and reporting, systems to work together.

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