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The data platform where you can model your data by adding Source Tables and transforming them into Datasets which you can analyze or use inside reverse ETL Flows to sync back your company data.
All of it running on your very own infrastructure you’ll never need to manage yourself.

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A Unique Platform

Data Sources

Data Platform

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Data Lake
Centralize and Store
Data Warehouse
Model and Transform
Sync to apps


Managed cloud infrastructure

Benefit from a fully managed cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, reliability and security for your data operations. You don’t have to worry about setting up or maintaining complex systems.

All data sources under one roof

Integrate and consolidate data from various sources into a single, centralized hub for comprehensive/extensive and unified access to consistent data quality.

Transform your data into actionnable insights

Use the full potential of your data with powerful SQL-based transformation capabilities, enabling you to derive meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions.

Synchronize your data in any applications or softwares

Leverage the data you've meticulously prepared within our platform directly into your existing software applications, simplify your workflow and maximizing productivity.

Making data simple so your team members are ready to drive decisions.

Product Features

Focus on the data and BEEM takes care of the behind-the-scenes for you.


Adapted to legacy and modern data sources

Whether you're dealing with legacy data or the latest data streams, integrate every piece of your data and access all your information in one unified space.

Increase data reliability

Confidence in your data is paramount. Our system ensures consistent data quality and accuracy, so every decision you make is based on trustworthy insights.

No cloud infrastructure expertise required

Dive into the world of data without the steep learning curve. Our user-friendly interface and tools are designed to empower teams of all expertise levels, making data-driven decisions accessible to all.

Security and Governance

When spinning a cloud database and adding data, make sure to have a security program in place. Creating a database without proper precautions can lead to non-compliant databases, putting your company at risk of a data breach. BEEM can help with this.

Use Cases

Automation and Integration

Bring all the facets of your business together for a unified and agile operation:
  • ERP consolidations (M&A)
  • Marketing Segmentation & Automation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Process automation
  • New business applications integration
Automate your operations

BI and Reporting

Transform raw data into actionnable insights and detailed analytics. Identify any gaps and fill them in your data collection process:
  • Gain on performance over you current direct ERP query reports
  • Merge multiple data sources in one, get the KPIs you have waiting for
  • Optimise cost of expensive packaged BI tool storage fees
  • Use the BI/reporting tools of your choice, no vendor lock-in
  • Build Dashboards to help your business grow faster
Get your reports going

Migrating your warehouse to the cloud

Transition to the cloud without upending your entire system:
  • Limit change management
  • Keep the same staff and known skills (SQL)
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities introduce by non-expert team
  • One simple platform and invoice
Migrate your warehouse

Build on others knowledge, not from scratch.

Buy Vs. Build

Using your data should not be that expensive and complicated. You don’t have to learn, build and maintain complex cloud technologies. Eliminate the time and cost to build a dedicated team of infrastructure, software, and data engineers. Use BEEM to access the same technologies large enterprise spent years and millions to build, in a matter of days and at a fraction of the cost.
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Data Lake
Data Warehouse
What you get when subscribing to BEEM:
  • Always-improving modern PaaS
  • No new hires required, use the same SQL skills your team has or ask our support team to help
  • One easy to understand and predictable pricing
  • Security built-in from day one
  • One vendor to contact when things break
  • Cost optimization by managing the whole stack at once
In-House Stack
What's involved when building in-house:
  • Maintenance and knowledge heavy project
  • Difficult to find, hire and retain technical staff
  • Requires multiple technical tools from various vendors
  • Security is an expertise on its own, not a side project for your analyst

Built on industry-leading technology

As a certified AWS partner, we're committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By consistently evolving and tapping into the latest services, we aim to help you optimise both performance and cost.

Plus, our platform integrates with major cloud providers, such as Azure, Google Cloud, and Snowflake, ensuring that you don’t need to make any changes to your current infrastructure.

AWS Partner

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