Enterprise-level Security with Small Business Flexibility.

The BEEM data platform makes it dead simple to ensure the highest level of data security enforcement without the complexity of managing fine grain permissions for each user in the console.

Govern your data, rule with workspaces.


Natural Environment Strucure

Manage your environment the same way you would your teams or company departments. Create a structure that promotes data discoverability from your business users while protecting sensitive data your analysts and engineers are working with.

Collaboration at its best

Workspaces give the freedom to users to work as part of business-contextual groups so all team members can collaborate efficiently.

Shared Connections

Users can connect multiple data sources and reverse ETL integrations so only their workspace members can benefit from the data without duplicating connections. Members of the workspace can use the data from that connection while the authentication details remain private.

User membership at the center of access

Users are assigned to specific workspaces restricting the data they can have access to.

Eliminate anonymous guest access to your data by seamlessly adding users from other workspaces or new external users by sending them an invite to join your workspace and start collaborating in seconds.

Organization administrators get a comprehensive list of all users with the BEEM data platform and can revoke access at anytime cutting them off from logging in to the app, but more importantly, deleting their credentials to your data warehouse.

User Management

Track user activity for more robust safety

Monitoring & User Activity

Knowing who updated a dataset run schedule, made some edits to a query or downloaded dataset results is the foundation of democratizing data with organizations. With the BEEM data platform, not only do you get the visibility and security around each action but it also increases collaboration efficiency within your data teams.

Each action your users take is carefully logged for safe keeping. You never know when or who could put your data at risk!

Same warehouse, different access

We play well with others! For advanced users, having the possibility of using any tool to manipulate their data is of utmost importance.

With that in mind we have a logical approach to data management: what you see in the BEEM data platform as a user, is what you will have access to when connecting to the underlying data warehouse and using external tools.

The BEEM platform permission management mirrors the access a user has within the web application to simplify access and become the single source of truth for administrators.

Warehouse Data Access

Data sharing without sacrificing control

Dataset sharing across different workspaces is at the core of data democratization. It enables users with higher level of access to create subsets of data containing less restrictive information and share it to workspaces with business user members that can benefit your carefully crafted datasets in their daily operations.

Create workspaces where business users can find organizational data to achieve their goals without compromising on security.

Dataset Sharing & Self-Serve

Implement effective governance and take control of your data now.

You can start modelling your data within minutes instead of months.

Want to Share Data internally in a secure way?

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