Differentiate and personalize by leveraging all of your data !

Optimize your Ecommerce data

Today more than ever, Ecommerce is leveraged by companies as a way to accelerate growth or simply to stay in business.

However, most businesses still can’t rely on a unified data hub that contains and synchronizes all of their key data sources i.e. eComm Platform, POS, ERP, CRM, Advertising results, Loyalty Programs, etc. to make educated business decisions. This missing piece decreases the value you can add to your customers’ experience and the potential salience of your brand in the long and short term. Without that single Data Hub to unlock and harness this data, the insights and knowledge lay dormant.

The BEEM Platform coupled with our team of Advanced Data Services experts ensures that the data from your various sources are unified and transformed. We provide you with the infrastructure required to get the insights and automated activities needed from your current BI, Communications, CRM, and more, and empower your teams to create highly personalized campaigns, automation across communications, real-time forecasts and so much more.

These factors will increase your campaign's short term results, as well as your brand's long-term awareness.

Leverage data to improve your Ecommerce.



data-driven approach for ecommerce

Use all of your data to create faster and more accurate:

  • Attribution reports
  • Product validation
  • Real-time reports
  • Customer / Lead Personalization
  • Demand forecasting
  • ROI analysis
  • Customer behaviour graphs / reports
  • Trend prediction models / reports

Benefits of an end-to-end Data Hub

Leverage your current data, regardless of their format and sources
No need to modify your tech stack to use the BEEM Data Hub
Implementation takes weeks, not months
Automate your processes to increase efficiency and sustainability
Cloud-based tools can house, transform, and examine data
One accurate, constantly updated source of truth
Utilize customer behaviours and trends to discover opportunities
Leverage 3rd party data with no barriers