Trust your datasets with
Data Testing

BEEM’s dataset tests allow data teams to sleep at night knowing the automated transformations they’ve put in place only result in positive outcomes.

Data reliability is an ability

Data Reliability

With BEEM’s automated dataset testing features your business reap benefits far and wide, from data accuracy in decision making to data enriching your operational tools.
No more untrustworthy reports or broken dashboards
Ability to show last valid update of data / staleness level of data
Easy action items that can be shared across teams
Always on duty data quality and integrity guardian

How we keep your datasets fresh and always valid

how it works

Dataset refresh

Your datasets run automatically based on their refresh schedule.

Custom tests run

Your custom dataset tests run automatically against the new version of results your dataset refresh produced.

Deploy only valid results

Based on the results of your tests, the new dataset version is invalidated if any test results with blockers arise.

Tests as unique as your data

Be it logical or analytical tests, you can have full control over the tests that are run on each dataset refresh. Endlessly customizable, tests are written in SQL making them extremely easy to setup and simple to understand by the whole team.

customized test

Not every incident is equal

Blockers and Warnings

Tests can be configured to your every need and criticality.
Set blockers on the most critical tests that should prevent the new data from being propagated to your business users or from syncing erroneous results to operation applications.
Think of warnings as flags that let your team know that some values don’t follow your rigorous criteria and need to be addressed but aren’t showstoppers for your downstream processes.

Master your data incidents

Take action on results that don’t meet your level of quality in one quick view.
With our consolidated test results view, you can have a comprehensive list of the rows that did not pass one or multiple tests that were run including the values, the test name and the criticality for each instance.

You can leverage this list as an action plan for your team to start investigating and cuts down significantly the time required to identify the source cause of the issue.

Data Quality

Get reliable data with dataset tests now.

You can start modelling your data within minutes instead of months.

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