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Who is BEEM for?

BEEM is for small, medium or large enterprises looking to accelerate their data-driven approach, structure a company-wide data strategy, or put data at the centre of their digital transformation - with a reasonable budget and short timeline. You can start creating value rapidly in one department (Marketing, Sales, IT, Operations, etc.) and then expand the use of your BEEM Data Hub across the organization easily. In addition, the BEEM solution is scalable, customizable and made to leverage any current and future tech stack.

Is my data secure with BEEM?

Guaranteeing data safety is a constant priority at BEEM. We are cloud-based and take advantage of our partner AWS, and other cloud-based systems, extensive data security protocols.

Is BEEM an end-to-end solution?

Yes, BEEM is a true end-to-end solution. We facilitate your data ingestion, data storage, warehousing, transformation and automation of actions. Our platform and team can integrate the tools and applications of your choice from sources, through to the destination.

Is BEEM a buy or build solution?

BEEM is a buy solution. The solution is for companies dealing with limited infrastructure and maintenance budgets, scarce knowledge of data science or restricted hiring capacity of IT and data resources. BEEM enables your team to rapidly become data-driven by handling the whole process for you. This allows your teams to take advantage of transformed data, instead of spending 80% of their time looking, cleaning and/or organizing their data.

How does BEEM work with BI tools?

BEEM work's seamlessly with existing BI tools. These tools rely on clean, accurate and reliable data to be fed into them, which is not often the case. BEEM maximizes your BI tools by handling the transformation of your data, relieving your IT team of the time-consuming task of improving data efficiency and accuracy.

How big does our data/IT team need to be to use BEEM?

The good news, size does not matter! There are no requirements on size, expertise or structure for your IT/Data team. The BEEM platform is built so that your team's involvement is minimized and that we can meet the security and governance levels required to work within your company's infrastructure. As a cloud-based and fully-managed SaaS service coupled with our team of data experts, we become an extension to your teams.

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