Experience efficient automation of data pipelines, from ETL to ELT, ensuring smooth ingestion and transformation processes.

Beem data pipelines

Secure and collaborative access

Connect to your data source once and the app will configure the rest automatically. Other members will be able to use the data from your connection while your authentication information remains secure. Connections belong to each workspace so only your team members can access the data and not your entire organization.

Automate your data pipelines

The BEEM platform offers the simplest flow to create ELT pipelines with a fully integrated user experience, without a line of code in sight. The application does most of the heavy lifting and stores your connection details and sync frequency.

Ingestion pipelines from ETL to ELT

Beyond a swap of a letter, moving from ETL to ELT means any user can shop around for the data they need inside your data lake at any point. The ELT methodology allows you to work from the raw data and build from there while keeping a trace of each transformation step.

Build your data pipeline with our out-of-the-box data sources connectors.

We offer a wide variety of out-of-the-box connectors that works for any of your business needs. Psst, if you don’t find the connector you’re looking for we can build it for you.


Explore your Data Lake sources

With an ELT approach, rather than ETL, all your data sources reside beside each other allowing you to quickly navigate between previously siloed data. Pick and choose from a broad set of similar tables to filter and join them to standardized specific entities.

Data Sources

The No-Engineering-Required Data Cloud

The BEEM data platform automatically provisions all the necessary cloud resources for you to be able to perform your queries and automate your pipelines without having to bother with what needs to happen under the hood.

This means any data analyst can create robust data pipelines with the same confidence as if a cloud engineer built it from scratch.

Cloud Infrastructure

Set your data pipeline automation into motion!

You can start modelling your data within hours instead of months.

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