Unify and transform the data from your existing applications and tools and gain the insights and intelligence needed to make successful data-backed decisions.

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Cross-department Data Collaboration.


Data comes in many formats and from multiple sources, regularly working in silos. To improve data accessibility and data reliability, the BEEM Data platform removes the various data limitations and frustrations that occur when different departments leverage one data ecosystem. Our data platform and data hub is developed to scale and speed-up your organizations' data needs, whether your requirements are team-wide or organization-wide. With the BEEM data platform being a SaaS solution, there is no need for heavy development or high costs during your digital transformation.

Marketing & Sales Teams

As leaders in Sales & Marketing teams, you're looking to optimize your campaign results and learnings.

BEEM's fully managed platform leverages your existing applications and tools by unifying and transforming their data into your own secure data hub. With newly enriched data, your teams are empowered to create advanced reports, ultra-personalized campaigns, B2C loyalty programs, B2B automated incentive programs, and much more.

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Campaign Optimization

Create successful, data-driven campaigns by flowing transformed data through your organization's preferred platforms and tools. Leverage your data's influence and insights to increase campaign conversion rates, brand awareness, and audience segmentation. Through empowering your teams with relevant data, you provide them with the confidence and knowledge needed to accomplish their goals and KPI's.

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Automate Sales & Marketing Programs

Through accessing all your data in a clean and organized manner, you have the power to automate B2B incentive programs that automatically move clients to more profitable program tiers and generate higher sales volumes when applicable. Your teams can rely on hyper-personalized messaging that break through the communication clutter, resulting in increased engagement, shorter sales cycle and average sale increase. With your greater ability to automate your programs, you will minimize resources usage and manual intervention.

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BI Reporting

Due to increased needs and competition, marketing teams and executives now require more acute and accurate reporting and are turning to BI tools to meet this demand. With manual work and excel spreadsheets still being heavily used in conjunction with BI tools, data reliability issues are common. The BEEM data hub helps reduce your teams' workload, shorten the reporting process, and increases data reliability by automating data flows, unification, transformation, etc, feeding your BI tools and dashboards the appropriate enriched and transformed data.

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Ecommerce Growth

To be competitive in the E-commerce market place, optimizing available data is crucial. By leveraging the BEEM platform,
E-commerce businesses gain the intelligence needed to attribute touch points, predict trends, analyze demand, optimize pricing, and generate more sales.

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IT Teams

As leaders in the IT team, you're faced with the eternal question: build or buy? You're being asked to find quicker ways to equip your internal teams with more and better specialized tools while providing a scalable, secure and robust infrastructure.

With limited budgets and data science expertise, it is a challenge to meet these demands. BEEM is your fully managed end-to-end data hub solution to equip your teams rapidly and securely while being a very price competitive scalable solution to meet your budgets.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Data Integration

One of the biggest difficulties and strains that organizations face during Mergers & Acquisitions is data and technology unification. The BEEM platform unifies and stores both organization's data from their separate CRM's, ERP's and programs, into a singular data hub. Data enrichment and unification will decrease the time it takes for both parties to get their various applications and tools updated with the necessary intelligence.

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Data Strategy

Our in-house team of data experts work with you to create a data strategy based on your organization's short and long term goals. As data-driven organizations are 19x more profitable, and 23x more likely to acquire customers, by creating a sustainable data strategy you create a transparent and trackable path towards business growth.

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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Initiatives

With AI initiatives, you’re being constantly challenged by the 80/20 rule. The rule is that 80% of the Data Scientists time is spent finding, cleansing, and organizing the data, leaving only 20% on actually performing the analysis and building the algorithm. BEEM challenges this rule by providing you with a centralized, organized and real-time data hub to run your algorithm from, leaving your team with more time and budget to use towards the performance of your AI initiative.

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Centralize Data

Digital transformation and increased BI activities are urging organizations to centralize their data sources in order to generate more value and monetization opportunities. With the BEEM data hub, you can centralize all of your organization's native and 3rd party data, providing your teams with the ability to maximize the use of any data sources with full governance.

Centralize and transform your data today.

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