All You Can Share Data Buffet

With a federated approach, you can share carefully crafted datasets to Business users who can easily navigate the data platform and self-serve the datasets they would’ve asked for in an Ad Hoc request.

With BEEM’s secure way of sharing data across different workspaces, users can only consume the results of datasets that were assessed by your data team as safe.

Data Self-Serve

Data Segmentation For Better Control

Segment your datasets based on which users will ultimately land their eyes on them. All you have to do is to remove the columns containing potential sensitive or restricted information from your Master datasets.

Data Segmentation

Workspaces as Data Segregation


See BEEM workspaces as groups of people or business departments that should have the same context and access to data.
Workspaces help businesses quickly share data from one team to another while keeping governance at the forefront.

With a simple toggle, you can remove access from a specific workspace cutting off any downstream process leveraging the dataset.Users within a workspace have no visibility on the rest of your data platform structure, making it a fantastic collaborative environment for external partners or consultants to work with your data so it never leaves home.

Dataset Results ≠ Query Access

Transformation queries can sometimes contain sensitive information you wouldn't want end users to be able to see.

The BEEM data platform allows analysts and engineers to share transformation results freely while keeping the contents of the underlying query protected. Business users can leverage the data your team meticulously put together without stumbling on the schema or table names it links to.

Secured Query

Share Data to External Tools

Thanks to our reverse ETL capabilities, your data can be synced to your end users' tools easily.

Create reverse ETL flows by selecting datasets and mapping the columns to your destination through an intuitive and simple user interface. No need to code your own custom connectors, BEEM has out-of-the-box integrations that covers the most popular softwares and is always expanding it's portfolio.

Reverse ETL

The Easiest Data Clean Rooms

Data Clean Rooms

The BEEM platform excels at unlocking for better data partnerships by providing an environment where parties can share their data with each other and collaborate on creating datasets beneficial for both businesses.

Invite external users to a dedicated workspace mean for exchanging meaningful data while limiting their access to explicitly shared datasets. Consultants and partners will be able to contribute and consume as an extension of your team without your data ever leaving the confines of your cloud data warehouse.

Become a truly data-driven company with secure data sharing.

You can start modelling your data within minutes instead of months.

Want to Share Data internally in a secure way?

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