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Thierry Gauthier

Greg H. joins BEEM as Front-End Developer to support the rapid growth of our Fleet by BEEM solution in North America, targeted to the car dealership industry.

Greg built great developer skills from his previous jobs, including his experience piloting the development of a flight planning tool for the Canadian Armed Forces. His participation in open-source projects has allowed him to consolidate his knowledge in the field, with his passion and determination.

His team spirit and friendly personality, being key values at BEEM, makes him already popular with his teammates. Welcome aboard Greg!

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AI initiatives? Focus on building & training your model, not extracting and cleaning data!

AI initiatives see too much time and money lost in the AI 80/20 paradigm: large sums of resources are invested in extracting, cleaning and automating pipelines of data vs creating and training the algorithm. With the BEEM Data Platform, fix these issues in the short and long run!

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Leverage all your data to improve your eCommerce results!

You’re challenged everyday with leveraging all of your data sources to better succeed with your eCommerce objectives. What if you had a single Data Hub to unlock and harness this data, get relevant insights and make your attribution model more efficient? Today, too much of this knowledge lay dormant. Let us help you do more!

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Complete Data Unification for
Construction Companies

The construction industry is currently going through the digital transformation 4.0; moving from manual tasks and workflows to automation and data-driven decisions. The new challenge becomes how you make all the data in your ERP, CRM, Timesheet, Project Management, BI and reporting, systems to work together.

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