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How it works

BEEM's platform offers your organization the ability to connect and drive clean and appropriate data to the applications and tools of your choice. Through our end-to-end platform, regardless of your data's source, it is cleaned and safely secured in your data-hub, ready to be used. Without redefining your IT infrastructure or requiring in-house data science expertise, our team of experts work with you to maximize your existing technology stacks data potential.

Data Sources
Data Transformation
Data-driven Actions
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Sources represent the applications, platforms, tools, and manually uploaded files that you choose to integrate with the BEEM platform. BEEM's agnostic platform leverages your data regardless of the format or source type. Potential integrated data sources include CRM's, Website analytics, Excel sheets, ERP, streaming data, eCommerce platforms, CDP's, custom or legacy systems, and many more.

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Catalog represents the structured and unstructured data integrated from your various data sources. In Catalog, you can view all of your data in one place with a timestamp of when the data was last updated.

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Hub is your secure data-hub, where the data imported into Catalog is transformed and enriched into clean, actionable data sets that can be used to create scripts, build algorithms or to create advanced analytics. You can leverage your data sets in your data hub to create actions in the flow section, use them for data insights, or export and share them.

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Flows are your pre-determined actions. Each flow leverages your data-sets to enforce specific actions of your choosing, with monitoring in place in case any problems arise before the action is completed. Individual flows may include automated data updates, updated prospect information, or feeding the result of your AI algorithm to the applications and tools of your choice.

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The destinations are your preferred applications, tools and platforms that receive the newly cleaned and enriched data from your data-hub. The data flowed to your chosen applications and tools provides the intelligence required to create advanced reports, optimize campaigns or improve AI initiatives.

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Product Technical Overview

Learn how the BEEM data platform, a fully managed solution, helps to leverage complex technologies to create value from all your data, simply!

Security and Governance

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Industry-leading Security

We work with cloud providers, like AWS, to implement the latest security standards and regulations. Your data is encrypted with the latest security policies and you have multi-level access control for your organization's different departments and seniorities. We prioritize your data's security and privacy and provide full transparency throughout the whole data transformation and data management process.

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Data Governance

You own your data; from when you upload it, to when you export it. With the option to implement multi-layered access within your organization's departments and seniorities, you control what data is accessible and sharable. If you wish to share data internally or externally, you may give limited access to people of your choice.