Sync and combine data from Freshdesk

BEEM allows you to load your data from Freshdesk into a data warehouse to create datasets you can easily sync back to your destination with pre-built connectors.

data usage accross your organization
Analyze your custom datasets in any BI tool
Enrich your data by leveraging your
Create unified models of
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Start syncing your data

Your Destination

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Start using your data in your destination in minutes.



Load your data into BEEM

Connect your source or any other data from our 200+ connectors following a very easy step-by-step authentication process.

Join your source and other similar data into custom datasets

Combine data from your different applications into reusable datasets. With BEEM, you simply have to create your dataset once and schedule it so you get up to date information every day.

Sync your datasets to your destination

Use our no-code flows to sync your unified datasets to your destination. Map fields between your dataset and the destination one time and you’ll never have to think about it again!

Integrate data from diverse sources into a single cloud data catalog and transform it into meaningful, context-rich datasets.


Our structured workspaces enable secure, tailored data access, fostering collaboration and dataset longevity. Experience lightning-fast setup, eliminate redundant tasks by automating data workloads, and effortlessly push curated datasets into your daily tools.

Seamless Integration

Unite data from varied sources, transforming it into actionable, context-rich insights. Streamline your data journey with effortless connections.

Empowered Ownership

Experience the privilege of owning your cloud space, while BEEM shoulders its management and scaling. Optimal control meets hassle-free maintenance.

Quick Implementation

No more prolonged setups. BEEM paves a swift path from raw data to its operational integration, supercharging your business's efficiency.

Collaborative Structure

Foster a culture of sharing with BEEM's unique workspace design. Tailor data access, promote team synergy, and leverage the power of collective intelligence.

BEEM supports over 200 no-code source connectors, so no need to be an engineer to start building your own data pipeline.

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